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About Us

full service destination management company and expert in adventure tours, Mand cars & Coaches pvt. ltd. offers all inclusive travel packages for solo, group, corporate, and adventure visitors.

Mr. Kuldeep Singh

Managing Director

We help our clients see the beauty of India from fresh viewpoints. Every tour we offer is specially designed to transport our guests to a new and exotic place. We constantly work to make our clients’ travels easy with the assistance of our knowledgeable tour guide. Aside from that, the trip is worthwhile because of the accommodation choices, excellent cuisine, and reasonably priced tour packages. Our team of talented employees is hard at work according to our clients’ needs and busy organising an amazing memory box for them. India is a vibrant country with many cultures, customs, customs, and lifestyles among its citizens. The country of India is home to multiple incredible landscapes, including hill stations, the stunning Himalayas, historical sites, vast deserts in Rajasthan, expansive forests, lush flora, and water bodies in Kerala. Our goal is to take you on an exploration of India’s stunning splendour without offering up your comfort. 

An lavish trip to India includes a perfect combination of experiences, such as exploring the many localities of Delhi, visiting holy sites like Haridwar and Varanasi, going on an enjoyable forest safari, and taking a boat ride through Kerala's backwaters. The Most Famous, a trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal, one of the world's wonders, inspires our clients to contact us for the amazing trips.

Why Chose Us

Customised Experiences

We design our itineraries with your own interests in mind, so each trip is a customised journey that showcases your interests and sense of beauty and taste.

Professional Advise

From beginning to end, our team of expert travellers is focused on offering you a specialist advise, insider insights, and continuous assistance, guaranteeing a smooth and stress-free trip.


We are dedicated to responsible tourism, creating itineraries that reduce environmental effect and improve the lives of local people, enabling you to see the world in an environmentally friendly manner.

Oriented Towards Clients Method

We put the needs of our customers first. With a special focus on the demands of the customer, we go above and beyond to figure out your requirements, solve your worries, and design a vacation that beyond your expectations

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